Behind Granary Care

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Paullette Jean-Jacques


I’m Paullette, co-founder and director of Granary Care.

We started Granary Care as a way to nurture children and give back to great causes as much as we can.

I have always been passionate about children and helping them to reach their full potential. To me, each of them are like treasure troves full of surprises! We believe it is so important to give children a platform to be heard and the freedom to express themselves.

Ralph Jean-Jacques


Hi, I’m Ralph, co-founder and director of Granary Care.

I truly enjoy providing a reliable service to others, helping out fellow parents every day.

Being a doting dad myself, I understand how important it is for your family to have access to great childcare, and to know that your kids are safe and happy!


Activity Leader at Grimsdyke Primary School

I’m Malabika! I love working with children and am passionate about providing a safe and enjoyable environment for them to flourish in.

I love to make every child happy!


Activity Leader for Simon Marks Jewish Primary School

I’m Wayne. Working with children is great, as it gives me new challenges every day. They always keeps me busy and entertained! I bring a lot of energy to my role, and make sure that kids enjoy being active!


Activity Leader for Oak Farm

Hello, my name is Sharon. Working and playing with children is a challenging job, but always a rewarding one. Children always surprise me and I find that my job is always fun!


Activity Leader at Marlborough Primary School

Hi, I’m Panna. Working with the children at Granary Care has been a rewarding experience for me, I love working with children and my team. I’m always amazed when watching the children progress, I feel so proud to be a part of it!


Breakfast Coordinator at Botwell

My name is Shital. I love working with the great team we have here at Granary. I’m passionate about childcare and always learn something new from the children in the club!

The amazing children in the club give me ongoing energy to keep doing my best for them!



Activity Assistant at Grimsdyke

My name is Giovana. I have a passion for working with children and love to support and help their creativity!

I love how working with Granary Care allows me to build relationships with children and parents from diverse cultures!


Deputy Sports and Play Leader at Oak Farm and Active Holiday Camps

Hi I’m Justin. I’m the deputy sports and play leader at Oak Farm for out-of-school provision and Active Holiday Camps. I’m a cycle instructor and football coach among other things!

I love to help the children get active and have fun while they move. I always make sure to be fun, fair and firm, doing my very best for the kids!


Activity Assistant at Oak Farm

I’m Lesley, a true big-kid at heart. I really enjoy being part of the Granary Team at Oak Farm. Helping the children to stay active and watching them get involved and interacting with each other is rewarding – there’s never a dull moment!

Being with the children is a great job, at the end of each day when they go home with smiles on their faces, I’m proud to do what I do!