Active Holiday Camps

Ages: 3-7 , 8-11

Capacity: 50 children per session

Your kids won’t be bored on their next holiday break with our active holiday camps!

From Sports Days to Cookery Classes, we provide a great range of fun, healthy activities during school half terms and summer holidays.

Ensuring that your children have a fun and safe day out, all our qualified playwork, sports and early years assistants are DBS checked and fully certified for safeguarding children, first aid and food hygiene.

What's there to do?


When it comes to Sports, we’ve got it covered. With facilities for football, tennis, basketball, rounders, cricket, hockey and dodgeball and more, you’ll never be short of fun sporting activities at one of our holiday camps. We also organize sports days, featuring fun team activities like relay racing, egg and spoon races and the 100 meter dash!

Carnival Day

We bring you all the fun of carnival with our feature packed carnival days. From costume to mask making, dancing to talent competitions, there’s always something fun to do!


Our Zumba instructors are on hand to show you the fun of Latin American dancing. you’ll have a great time moving your feet to the beat!


How did they do that? You’ll be amazed at the tricks up the magician’s sleeve at one of our magic shows!

Bollywood Dancing

Become an indian dancing superstar with our Bollywood themed activities. Instructors are on hand to to teach you the moves -- you can even dress up in authentic Bollywood outfits!

Face Painting

Our team of face painters can transform your kids into animals, film characters or whatever takes their fancy!

Nature Park

Explore the natural world on one of our nature trail activities. Get up close to a variety of flowers, bugs and wildlife and learn about the wonders of nature!

Sports Day

A great day doing this activity, emphasis on teamwork and HAVING FUN!


Your kids won’t be leaving hungry after one of our cookery days where they’ll get to bake -- and eat, a variety of healthy, tasty treats. With a full hygiene certification and a commitment to take all dietary requirements into full consideration, safety is guaranteed.

Water Play

From sponge splat games to swimming, we offer a great range of water play activities during the summer months! See you by the pool!


Have an activity that you want to do that isn’t on the list? Let us know! Our holiday camps are designed around your children’s suggestions, so drop us a line if you have an idea for an activity and we’ll see what we can do.

And Much More…

If you’d like to talk to us to learn more about these clubs, call us!

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