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How to Wind your Baby

Support your baby's head and neck, make sure their tummy and back is nice and straight (not curled up), and rub or pat their back gently. You don't need to spend ages burping your baby, a couple of minutes should be enough.

There are a few ways to burp your baby. Try them all out and see which works best – or use a combination:

Over your shoulder
With your baby's chin resting on your shoulder, support the head and shoulder area with one hand, and gently rub and pat your baby's back. It might help to walk around as you are doing this.

Sitting on your lap
Sit your baby on your lap facing away from you. Place the palm of your hand flat against their chest and support their chin and jaw (don't put any pressure on the throat area). Lean your baby forwards slightly and with your free hand, gently rub or pat your baby's back.

Lying across your lap
Lie your baby across your lap face down. Supporting their chin (don't put any pressure on the throat area), use your free hand to gently rub or pat your baby's back.

Experiment with different techniques to see what works best for you and your baby. Once you've found one you like, you'll usually only need to do it for a few minutes each time. However, you may want to keep her upright for another 20 to 30 minutes after a feed, especially if she's prone to reflux

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